Menu - is there a way for learner to see which menu items are available when navigation is restricted?

Jan 09, 2019

I have a course where i need to restrict navigation to prevent the learner skipping forward.  It is a relatively long course with 5 modules and my concern is that if the learner skips backwards using the menu, they may find it difficult to return to the furthest point in the course.  I can't see any way to indicate which menu items are unlocked (the learner could then select the last of these to continue and make further progress).  Is it possible to do  this? The only other option (which would be ideal really) would be able to lock the menu until the end of the course and then open up the menu at the end to allow the learner to review chosen slides.  I appreciate any suggestions about how to achieve this. Many thanks.


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Stephanie Powner

Hi Crystal - thanks for the advice. I don't know how I managed to miss the fact that the visited and remaining slides are different colours!  With it being such a big course, i think it might not be obvious enough and there is still a possibility that the learner might still get lost if they jump back a large number of slides.  I will look to put some features into the course to avoid that (i.e a home page to show progress and a link the last module visited).  Just a bit of feedback: the colours used in the menu are opposite to what i'd expect - i would think the greyed out items could not be selected and the white ones available but its actually in reverse.  Thanks for your help.


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