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Apr 02, 2014


How does one link a menu item you have manually added to the specific slide/scene that doesn't seem to show automatically in the menu, even after I reset it?



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Kai ...

I needed to add a menu item that somehow did not display in the menu bar. I used this add item, but then it wasn't linked to a specific slide.

I discovered that the folder icon (when in the player menu) is how you'd like to add the item.

That folder icon is quite misleading since in my mind from  UX perspective denotes adding a folder or adding a group and all I wanted to do was add I slide.


rehan arshad

KAI there are two or more things.

Firstly if you want a menu item you can have it from Player=>menu=>add item.

you can rename the previously slide menu items by double clicking them.

secondly you can link it to a slide using blue arrows "up" and "down"

if you want the user to not show him menu item in menu, you can delete it, it would not delete your slide but it would not be showing in the menu.

If you need further help please share screen shots. Hope this would help.

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