Menu item does not grey out correctly if referenced twice in menu

In several of my projects, I have a menu with several subsections listed below one main header.  There is no actual slide introducing the section as a whole, but that is how the module and the menu are organized.  To make navigation easier, I have made both the section title and the first subsection title clickable in the menu, with both pointing to the same slide. When I do this, the first subsection does not grey out when the slide is viewed. Can you help me fix this?


Example- in this menu, "SECTION HEADER" will grey out, but "Subsection 1" will not

SECTION HEADER (links to slide 1)

Subsection 1 (links to slide 1)

Subsection 2 (links to slide 2)

Subsection 3 (links to slide 3)


Additional notes:

  • It appears this issue is not dependent on the second instance of a reference being a subsection of the first
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Rona B

Hi Eva,

I couldn't find a way  to make this work out of the box, but will this workaround work for you?

I created a blank page and placed it before the first page of the section.  Then I created a trigger to go to the next page when the timeline starts.  Then I set the blank page as the page that is linked to the section header.