Menu item not displaying as 'visited'

I've slightly hacked a storyline question so that users don't need to click 'submit' - instead, when they select a response (it's always in a multiple choice or true/false, so there's only 1 response), the feedback is triggered straight away. When the feedback is closed, the slide advances. But in the menu, the slide is still shown as 'unvisited'. 

I suspect that for storyline to tell the menu that a quiz page has been visited, it's expecting a 'submit' trigger - is that right? If so, is there any way to prompt the menu to show as 'visited', even if submit is not clicked?

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Andrew Dunn

The other issues are mostly minor annoyances - bullet sizes being non-consistent unless you add an extra carriage return at the end of a bulleted list, text box default behaviour being to resize fonts - who builds eLearning courses with pages with different sized fonts on them? Undo (ctrl Z) not working as expected, idiosyncratic way the master slides work, and so on. It'll all be improved in Storyline 2, I'm sure. Oh, and the biggest annoyance, one which Articulate doesn't advertise, is that the iPad player version of a course will not, ever, work with an LMS using SCORM, which for many people is an essential feature...