Menu Navigation and revisiting quiz slides

Mar 20, 2014

I have my course set up in sections.  After each section I have quizzes to test the learners knowledge of the content.  They submit the quiz after section 1 and move to section 2.


Slide 1.1

Slide 1.2

Slide 1.3

Quiz 1.1

Quiz 1.2

Slide 2.1

Slide 2.2

Quiz 2.1

Quiz 2.2

Slide 3.1

Slide 3.2

Quiz 3.1

The menu navigation is set up to restricted, thus the users can revisit previous slides but they can't jump ahead.  The quizzes are listed in the menu.

Here is my issue.   I go through all the slides in section one and successfully submitted my quiz results.  I have advanced to slide 2.2 but decide to go back to the slide Quiz 1.2 to review the quiz again.   The quiz slide 1.2 has been answered (it shows the answers I submitted and there is no submit button).  The quiz slide 1.2 does have a previous and next button.  

If I press Next - it won't advance.  (One note I have a trigger set up so the learner must stay on the slide for a few seconds before the NEXT button will advance to the next slide)

If I press Previous, the slide will jump to slide 2.1 not quiz slide 1.1.  

It seems as if the attributes of the revisited Quiz 1.2 are for slide 2.2.  

Is there something that I need to set to make an adjustment? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julie,

Once you've answered a question and go back to revisit it the next/previous buttons are included by default as there wouldn't be another way for the user to navigate through the course. If you've set up the conditions for your next button on a slide master or throughout the course that will be applied to the next button on your question slides as well.

In regards to the previous button it functions as taking you back to the last slide you saw, not the last slide sequentially. If you'd like it to always go in a sequential order you'll need to adjust for that in your triggers so that instead of it being "jump to previous slide" it instead reads "jump to slide X" but you'd need to set this up on each slide.

Hope that helps clarify and if you need anything else please let us know. 

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