Menu navigation problems

Hi, this is a bit difficult to explain but here goes.

I am using Storyline 3, if I navigate to any slide in the course via the menu, eg slide 93, it goes to the correct slide however when I click the prev button it goes back to the slide I jumped from, not back to slide 92 as expected.

I have tried several slides and they all go back to the slide I used the menu from when the prev button is clicked. If I navigate from the beginning using the next button the prev button works as expected.

We have several users all using SL3 and they all have the same issue. I have reset the player back to default the still get the same results, unfortunately due to the nature of the courses we cannot share the .story file.

Is this how the menu should work? it is set to Free navigation.

Hope this made sense

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello training department and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing with your course. Your description made perfect sense.

What you are describing is the expected behavior. The Prev button works similar to the Back button on your browser, so it will return you to the last slide visited vs. the previous slide number.

This is helpful when there is branching and slides are not always in numerical order.

If you need to specify navigation, you can certainly program your prev/next buttons to Jump to a specific slide when they are used.