Menu Navigation Slide in Storyline

I have a rather basic question and I kinda feel dumb asking this since I should be able to figure this one out myself.  But since I am up against the time, I am asking this question here.

I have 3 examples in my concept.  So accordingly at the beginning of the file, I have a navigation menu which contains the buttons for each of the 3 examples.  Now in the slides for each examples, the user can click on Home button and come back to the navigation menu slide.

Here is how this should function - The first time user lands on navigation slide, he should hear the associated audio.  The next time when he returns to this navigation slide, he should not hear the audio.  He should only see all the buttons for the examples. 

In Studio, I used to do this by creating duplication slides - one with the audio and one without the audio.  And the branching was established accordingly.

How should I do this in Storyline?

Thanks for your help.



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Payal Tandon

Hi Phil,

Ya that is a simple enough thing.  I just have to make sure that I keep the audio really short here so that the user who is a hurry does not click away from the navigation slide without waiting to hear the complete audio the first time around.  !!

Works for me...