Menu not recognizing activity slide

Hi all,

So I converted a PPT presentation to Storyline 2 format and added a click-to-reveal slide that I rebuilt from scratch. When I went to preview the presentation to test my work, the click-to-reveal slide didn't show up in the menu, even though the forward and backward navigation worked (and still works) fine.

When I opened the Player Properties dialog and selected Menu, I noticed the click-to-reveal slide wasn't appearing in the Menu structure at all, so I added it to the Menu. I noticed that it didn't auto-number like the other slides in the Player Properties dialog, but when I previewed it, its numbering showed up fine as well.

Like I said, I can navigate to and from the slide in proper sequence with the NEXT and PREV buttons, but the slide doesn't appear as selected/highlighted in the Menu when I navigate to it. What's more is that selecting this slide's menu item in the menu doesn't result in displaying this slide, as with other menu items in the course.

What am I doing wrong? :(

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help with this issue. :)


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michelle, that's certainly odd. I'm here to help!

Could you send me a copy of your original Storyline file so I can take a closer look? Based on your screenshot, it looks like you may be working with a large file. To make it easier to upload, you're welcome to create a copy of the file and delete all but the "Key Points" section. 

I'll be standing by!

Michelle Kenoyer

Thanks, Alyssa! This is indeed a large Storyline file, and unluckily, I'm not allowed to share entire files externally due to the confidential nature of our work (I'd uploaded a "safe" screenshot that didn't reveal any confidential info). Hmm, maybe I could provide information about the file, such as story settings or properties that would help to troubleshoot?

Thanks much ahead,


Alyssa Gomez

I completely understand about you not being able to share the file publicly, but you also have the option to share it privately with our team by clicking here. We can share our NDA with you, if you'd like.

For even more privacy, send us a "scrubbed" version of the file. Here's how:

  • Click Save As to create a copy of the file.
  • In the copy file, remove all slides but the troublesome slides.
  • On the remaining slides, remove all text and proprietary information. Replace with filler text if necessary.
Michelle Kenoyer

Sorry for the delay, but due to busy-ness plus Hurricane Irma, I have been a bit absent from the community for a while. ;(

I actually figured out a solution on my own--all I needed to do was reset the menu in the Player dialog.  :) Thanks for being so willing to help me!