Menu not working

Jun 07, 2012

I've created a sample course for a client - trying to convince them to get Storyline - but the menu isn't working. I've only got one day left on the trial and I have to get this working!

The menu displays, but clicking the items does not navigate anywhere.  Has anyone had this happen? And more to the point, has anyone found a solution?

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Sara Pinto

In case anyone else misunderstood the post like I did...wanted to let you know what Crystal helped me out with...

To resolve the issue, go into the Menu, and keep at least one of the slides under the scene. Rename the name of the slide if necessary so it looks like the title of the scene. 

So for example:

Scene: How to draw a smiley face.

Slide 1: Draw a circle

Slide 2: Draw a smaller circle about half way down on the left...

Slide 3: Draw a smaller circle about half way down on the the right...

If you only want "How to draw a smiley face" in the Menu, delete, Scene, Slide 2, and Slide 3. Then rename Slide 1 to "How to draw a smiley face" (so it looks like you're keeping the title of the scene, but it's really a slide that you've renamed). 


Thanks, Crystal!

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