Menu numbering is malfunctioning

Hello. I have a course, with 8 scenes, that has a numbered menu and the strangest thing is happening. When I publish the course the menu appears and the numbering looks normal. When you click the first item expand the first section the numbering in the first section is ok (so 1.1; 1.2; 1.3; 1.4) but then what should be sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are now 1.5; 1,6; etc... (I attached an image "menu_1"). If you then click what is now 1.5 the numbering changes again (see attachment "menu_2"). And so on.  I have never seen this before and cannot figure out what is causing it. I tried creating a new project and importing the slides but that same thing happens. I am going to see if the client is ok without numbering the slides but also would love to know how to fix this without totally recreating this course. 

Thanks for any thoughts. (I can upload the course if that will help but wanted to see if there were any ideas first.)


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Adena!

Really sorry you're having trouble with the menu. Take a look at this quick screen recording of my testing. In Storyline preview, the menu numbering appears to be correct. 

Are you seeing incorrect numbering when you preview in Storyline, or after the project is published? If you published the project, what web browser did you use to test it?

Keep me posted!

Adena Wilson

Ashley and Alyssa,

Thank you both very much for taking a look. I have been seeing it when I publish to Review as well as when I publish to Web (we do not use an LMS). I used Chrome to view it. Alyssa, thank you for sharing the preview video. That definitely looks right. I admit that I had not reviewed it in preview but went straight to Review. 

Hope that information helps. And again, thank you for taking a look.

Adena Wilson

Update: this issue is now happening (in Review at least, I have not published) to another project I am working on, one where I am sure it did not happen the last time I viewed it in Review. So possibly it is not the files themselves that are messed up? One of the courses I have been working on a network drive but the other I have created on my local drive. If I need to contact support, I will do so. Thanks.

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Adena, that's all good info. We've seen a similar issue in our HTML5 output, where Menu numbering is incorrect in Chrome if "Number entries in the menu automatically" is enabled. 

I'll keep you posted on that issue here, and in the meantime you can look at disabling the automatic numbering of entries.