Menu options?

FYI - my Menu option is currently set to "Restricted".

My lesson in Articulate 360 is complete with one exception. After the user has completed the lesson successfully can I make the menu option to change to "Free" so they can click on any slide to review that material without taking the entire course over again from the beginning?

Also, can if they had not completed the lesson how do I set it so that they begin the lesson where they left off?

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LaVon Bowman

Question 1.

After a learner has completed the lesson and closed the course and then wants to review the material. When they reopen the lesson to review material can the menu then be open or "Free" because they have completed and passed?

Question 2.

If they are interrupted and close the lesson and return later. Can it take them to where they left off?

Wendy Farmer

Hi LaVon

go to the Insert menu > Remove Freeform.  That will remove the correct/incorrect feedback layers and turn it back to a normal content slide and should remove it from the quiz listing on the results slide.

Note you may have to tweak how the DnD works once you remove the interaction

Wendy Farmer

Hi LaVon

I thought you were referring to the Player Next button but I see you  have a custom Next button, so add the trigger to the fail layer

Change state of Next button to disabled when timeline starts on fail layer.

Any reason you aren't using the Player Next button on this slide like you have on all the other slides in the module?