Menu options?

FYI - my Menu option is currently set to "Restricted".

My lesson in Articulate 360 is complete with one exception. After the user has completed the lesson successfully can I make the menu option to change to "Free" so they can click on any slide to review that material without taking the entire course over again from the beginning?

Also, can if they had not completed the lesson how do I set it so that they begin the lesson where they left off?

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LaVon Bowman

Wendy, I was able to take what you provided and completed lesson 2. However, I went to Lesson 3 and the Next button is not disabled if DO NOT PASS and the Retry Quiz button is not active. 

Can you tell from the Triggers panel attachment what I have done wrong for this lesson?

I need to get this and understand it as it will occur for all my courses. Please help if you can.


LaVon Bowman

Wendy, I have another problem.

I start the course and leave it then return to the course but the bookmarking on restarting is going back to a slide previous to the last one visited. NOT the last slide visited but the slide just before the last one visited. Is there a setting for changing this?