Menu: Restart the current base-layer

Apr 24, 2017


I use in my story the player menu.
(Storyline 2, Update 11)

In the menu I see the name of the base-layer.
The base-layer has a lot of layers.

The learner has the following situation:

a) Currently layer (e.g.) 25 is opened.
b) In the menu the base-layer is flaged as the current base-layer.

The learner would like to restart the base-layer.
For that he clicks in the menu to the flaged entry.
But nothing happens.

The learner has first to click to an other entry in the menu.
If he then click in the menu to the wished base-layer, the base-layer starts correct new.
But the learner want not to do this devious way.

Is there a property to solve that issue?
Or how can I solve that problem?
(We don't want to have further buttons.)

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Daniela - The user is technically still on that slide, which is why it looks like nothing is happening when you click on the same menu item. You also stated that you did not want another button, so I'm curious how the users are getting through all of these layers? 

Would you be able to share you .story file for us to take a look?

Daniela Grau

Hi Leslie,
I did not say, that I have no buttons in the project.
Certainly I have buttons for back, forward and home.
But I don't want have a further button for "restart the slide".

Is there any solution for my problem.
Include I add an example.story.
(The correct *.story has much more further layers and slides. But you did not the correct one to understand the problem.)

Walt Hamilton

Your sample doesn't have a home button, and using a home button to restart the slide  may be your best bet. You would put a trigger on it to close the layer.

As Leslie said, you can't navigate to slide 1 using the menu when you are on slide 1. Since you are on slide 1, nothing will change. You don't want to navigate to slide 1, you want to close the layers so you can see the base, and the menu cannot do that.

If you cannot have another button, you will probably have to put each of these layers on a separate slide to make the menu work.

Daniela Grau

thank you for your ideas.
Unfortunatelly it seems, that we need for that issue an own button. (We use the home button for an overview-slide.)
The blank slide is an idea, but then we have a further problem in the published html5 file:
If the learner is on a slide , which is not showed in the menu, then the focus in the menu jumped to the scene.

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