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Feb 10, 2016

My project has multiple scenes, the first scene(intro screen - intro blurb screen etc.) have no menu in the side bar. The rest of the scenes have a menu in the sidebar. When I preview the whole project the player for the first scene has all this empty space around it (because it's waiting for the menu which is appearing in other scenes).

I was wondering if there was a way of having the player look normal in the first scene?



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Mazz

the player settings are global for the project, so if your first scene doesn't have the sidebar menu selected in the player properties but other scenes do, the player is set up to make that space available for the whole project.

I hope Christie has a magic wand answer - I'd love to hear it but I haven't been able to work it out.

Preston Ruddell

I had a similar issue here.  My original intention in this project was to have some slides with Prev/Next Buttons and some without.  When I input screencasts, none of the slides had prev/next buttons at that time.  When I added the buttons on later slides, it resized the entire player and display area.  This displaced all of my zoom regions I had recorded up until that point.  Even redoing the zoom region didn't help.

If you have a player feature on one slide, the player will always have space for the feature whether it is displayed on a slide or not.  While it can be difficult to work with at times, ultimately it's for the best IMO.  It would look bizarre if your screen was constantly snapping into different resolutions because of Menu and Prev/Next button configurations.  If you've ever had to adjust your story size halfway through a project, you'll know what I mean :)

Hope this helps!

Marina Grinberg

Hi guys, I see your points, and I figured that it's one player per project because I remember where once my one slide had prev/next enabled and I couldn't figure out why all my other slides had that empty bar underneath. I would argue that ultimately it's not for the best as I prefer to be 100% in control of what I'm putting on the screen - if I want screens to resize all the time etc (which i don't just to be clear), but I should be able to do it if I wanted to. In my case having a few beginning screens without the sidebar menu visible, then it becomes visible for the duration of the project would have been so cool. Oh well. Thanks for clarifying.

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