Menu, variables and states

Hello again! Hope you can help me with this:

I have a  menu slide with 6 padlock buttons. Each padlock button has 3 states: normal (as a closed padlock), visited (an open padlock) and completed (a check).

The change from visited to completed, depends on a varible set at the end of each subject, which changes from false to true. The trigger at the menu slide is: change padlock to completed when subject1 is equal to true. 

I've used the reference, and seems that all the variables (6) are actually changing to true when i expected, but states don't at the menu slide. It has only worked for the subject 1, but not for the other 5. Any ideas?

Thank you!


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Mark Shepherd

Random thoughts regarding your project:

I took a quick look at it, and while some aspects seem to work as expected, one or two others don't seem to change things very much in the main menu where you see all of the section icons.

Bear in mind, it could be my lack of Spanish/translation that may be causing an issue with my fully understanding that.

But leaving that aside for a moment, my impression is you have built just one tracking path, "completed", as shown by the use of variables and state tracking on the Progress Slide.

Perhaps you might want to consider adding a variable to track visited as well as completed, and then ensure that those paths fire a bit more consistently?

  • IE: Assume visited/completed BOTH (not just one path, completed) begins at FALSE,
  • IF you click on a section, set Visited to TRUE on the Progress icon BEFORE leaving the Slide.

    Storyline 2 remembers states when you set them so you don't always need to worry about replaying the slide or doing extra programming during execution, meaning you can return to this slide and Storyline will remember what you did before you left.
  • IF you complete a section, set Visited to FALSE and Completed to TRUE, based on the TWO stored variable values, not just ONE.

You don't have to use my approach to get this to work, but if you just track completed only (one variable), you may have to be careful to ensure that COMPLETED is positioned HIGHER than VISITED in Storyline, so the states are read correctly and show up the way you expect in your Sections Slide.

Hope this provides some useful ideas for you!