Merging projects

Mar 25, 2013

I'm having problems merging two projects together. they are both video recordings in view mode. When I import the second project into my first one, a window comes up showing me all the slides to be imported. All slides are already selected just fine and i can see see all my slides with the proper backgrounds. However once I import my slides, my slides now have a white background and the captions and mouse cursor have moved. My video recordings have reduced in size and i cant resize them.

How can i fix  this, i need to merge at least 5 separate projects together.

please help.

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Mike Enders


You should be able to simply copy and paste the slides from one project to another (and this will bring over the original recording).  Try up both projects (so you have two windows open).  Insert your recording into the source project as a single video.   Copy that slide, and then paste it over into destination project.  Check your screen recordings list.  The copied source recording should be there.


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