Merging Screencasts with separate audio

I am new to storyline but am having a couple of issues:

1) I created a screen cast, select silence for the audio, created a separate audio track but when I published the project the screencast did not appear but the audio could be heard.

2) I want to create a screen cast then add a separate audio track, can that be done in storyline?

Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Nance - I just did a quick test by doing a screen recording in Storyline with the audio off. I inserted the recording using the "video on single slide" option. I then recorded audio in Audacity and then imported it into the slide that contains the video recording- I published and it worked fine.

Next I tried using the audio recorder in Storyline and it also worked fine.

Can you provide the steps you are taking to do this so that we can get a better idea as to why it is not working for you?

Nance Fiester

Sorry, let me clarify. Everything works fine in storyline the issue occurs when I publish to my company's server. If I create a screen cast and narrate as I am doing it (so it is one package pre se) it works fine when published to the web, via our server. 

These are the following steps:

1) I create a screen cast and set the audio for silence.

2) Then I go to the slide where I have captured the screen cast and add audio.

3) I publish to my desktop see below for steps

     I place the file on my desktop and complete any final editing

     I publish to my desktop

     I select publish in storyline, then web, the title is as it should be, the folder is my desktop, I select include HTML5 output and Use

     Articulate mobile player on iPad

     then I select publish - ALL components work great.

4) I publish to the web via our server, and when slides with screen cast and audio are played  I can hear the audio portion but not the screen cast.

I am wondering if there is something I should be doing when publishing to our server?