Metric and Standard measurements

Oct 05, 2012

Hi All:

I'm working on a project where I let the user choose Metric or Standard measurements.  For all of you who use Metric (i.e., the world other than the U.S.), what unit is most common to use when referring to a person's height?  Do you say that person is 'x' meters tall or 'x' centimeters tall?  Random question I know, but important to this module.  From the U.S. perspective, we say, "John is 6 feet, 2 inches," rather than, "John is 74 inches tall."

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Sarah Tinson

I don't believe there are standards as such. To me, 1.63m sounds better than 163 cm. To me it would be the same as saying something costs $1.50 vs 150 cents.

However, I was watching a police show last night, and part of it shows criminals on the run here (we don't have that many!) and when they described them they referred to their height in cms - eg dark hair, 188 cms.

Thanks for using my spelling Rebecca!

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