MIcrosoft Edge problems

I am having problems viewing Storyline 2 courses in Microsoft edge. I have seen other questions in the forum, but I am having some different issues. A course is currently going through QA with the client and they are identifying issues as well.

Animations are not working - images are displaying and disappearing abruptly rather than with fades, etc. Images are pixelated, navigation buttons don't work consistently, some items, such as arrows and other shapes, don't display at all. 

Has anyone had these issues and found a solution?  Thanks!

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Glenn Jones

Hi Kelley

What are you using to run the preview?  Are you doing it through your LMS or something else like Tempshare?

I've just previewed a course I'm developing within Edge, using Articulate Tempshare, and it's working exactly as it's supposed to.

Another thing to wonder is whether it's rendering within Flash (as mine just appeared to) or with HTML5?  I had no end of problems with this course previewed in Chrome (HTML5)....took me ages to iron them all out.

Kelley Conrad

I'm running it a couple of ways. When I view it, it is the version that is
published locally to my desktop. I've tried running it through the html and
html5 files. My client is running it through my Amazon S3 link. We can view
it without issues in Chrome, IE, Firefox and on the iPad, but are having a
lot of issues with Edge. I have Edge set up to run Flash.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kelley! 

It's always a good idea to test published content on a web server or LMS, so smart move testing it on Amazon S3. Tempshare is also a good option for quick testing when a web server isn't available. 

You mentioned Flash is enabled in Edge, so I would expect the Storyline 2 content to work well there. You can double-check that you're actually viewing the Flash content by looking at the end of the URL. Do you see story.html or story_html5.html there?

Would you mind sharing your file so we can give it a test, as well?