Microsoft Surface x Articulate 360 x Mobile Swipe x Not Working

Feb 02, 2017

Is touch not supported in browsers on a Microsoft Surface? Swiping to advance to the next page works on all the rest of our devices but not the Microsoft Surface. I am unable to find any info on the forums about this.

If not is there a way to change the code so that it is allowed? Say by changing the breakpoint if that's what is used to detect isMobile or is-Mobile?

If not, the only way I could think of would be to add a javascript library like Hammer.js to the story.html file and the story_content folder and then execute the javascript that the Hammer library allows to detect a swipe and when a certain swipe is detected it changes a variable and then a trigger goes to next or previous page when that particular variable changes from the swipe.

Any help?

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Eric!  Thanks for reaching out.  We discussed this idea earlier today with our team, and I believe it is because Vic in Support helped you out in a case.  I'm going to post his answer here for others who discover this thread:

Storyline 360 doesn't support touch device that aren't mobile such as a laptop or notebook with touch screen. Although it may render limited functionality such as a tap would be similar to a mouse click, gestures will not work. 

On a desktop, you would see the regular course Player, which does not support touchscreen gestures. Since the laptop is using a desktop browser not all of the features you would find on the responsive player will work. Some browsers can react to gestures (pinch to zoom, tap to click, etc), but dragging is not that great, and you likely can't swipe to navigate. For example, in viewing content on Internet Explorer, swiping only directed the browser to show previously visited URLs. 

We believe that this could be a nifty feature that could be added to Storyline 360. As such, I have submitted a feature request on your behalf. You may have already received a confirmation email for it. We welcome your ideas, and you can submit them to our developers here: 

Thanks for sharing your JavaScripting ideas in the forums...hoping you get some feedback about that from other community members!

Nathan Hartwick

Does this issue also occur if someone using a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is trying to activate the mobile player (the big play button in the middle of the screen), but is tapping and not clicking with a mouse or input device? I don't have a Surface to test on so I cannot troubleshoot an issue a student is having with one of their activities.

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