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sarfaraz attari

Hello Sanjib. It seems you have done a great job. Your sample link is not working. Please do provide a valid link. further, if possible do share the SL file of your project so that we can learn more about creating such mind map. currently I am trying to create one mindmap but really need help to do this. 

I would request  Leslie McKerchie as well to help me with creating mindmaps in SL. 

HOpe you help. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marco,

If I remember correctly from a few other threads, Sanjib was on a trial of Storyline when he shared the information here, so I don't know if he'd still have the link up and live. As suggested before you can use the "contact me" feature on his profile to reach out and see if he's able to share the .story file or link with you directly.