Misplaced Storyline Window

Hi everyone!

Am I the only one having to deal with a rebellious Storyline 2 window? What I mean is that the Storyline 2 window always goes all the way to the top of my screen, but the task bar on my computer is set to "Top". I never had any issues with other programs or windows, they usually align with the bottom of my task bar.

It's really annoying, because I can't close my window, resize it, replace it and I can barely access my Storyline tabs (File, Home, Insert, etc.).

Here's a screen capture of what I'm dealing with :


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cynthia!

I have not seen this reported, but I do not know many that utilize their task bar on the top either :)

Would utilizing an auto-hide option or perhaps just manually setting the Storyline window to be below the task bar be an option?

Hopefully you will be able to find a workable solution for you.

I have shared this information with our QA Team as well as we have seen issues with placing the task bar on the side, and this seems related. I will post an update here if applicable.

Cynthia Paré

Hi Leslie, 

I already tried the auto-hide option, but the Window just jump even higher. I don't have access to the top of the Storyline window, so I can't manually place it as I wish either. :/ It is just stuck there. It's weird, it's the only program that behaves this way (I don't have this problem with Storyline 1 by the way).

Is there any hope that your team will take a look at this issue or is it just the way it will be? I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you :)

Julie Lavorini

I'm a top taskbar user too and just upgraded to SL2. Having the same problem.  Looking forward to this issue getting a fix.  I saw the other thread with the people who keep their task bars on the sides, same issue.  Right now, I have SL2 manually expanded to fit my screen, but it's not an efficient way to work.  

It's been at least 6 months since this thread was opened, any update?