Missing audio files from publication/SCORM file


I have been experiencing an odd issue with SL360 when I am publishing a course: many of my audio files are not there. I have narration files in WAV format... and many, if not all files are not added to my SCORM file. I have noticed this when uploading the files on a LMS.

However, this problem occurs on specific computers, as using a different computer while publishing the same exact course does not miss audio files. I'm having troubles on a computer using Windows 10, but not with one that has Windows 7. I believe that both computers have the same version.

Can Storyline's publishing settings get into conflict with audio drivers or such?

I can change work stations if necessary, but right now, it is a little annoying that my courses are muted.

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Gerry Wasiluk

Hi!  As for your "missing" WAV files, are you manually inspecting your published course and seeing them missing in the the published output?

If so, they should be there instead as MP3's.  When you import a WAV file into a project (my preference) it gets converted by Storyline into a MP3 file.