Missing Audio from Screen Recording

I've created a screen recording which appears to have lost its audio.

I did several test runs first so know that my mic and audio settings were all correct however, on the finished product (which is 7 mins long) there is no audio.

I have checked all of the audio settings within the edit options and they all seem correct.

Can anyone advise?



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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Leanne!

Did you hear audio with the recording originally? Or has it never played with the recording?

How are you testing the project? Is the audio missing when you preview, or after you've published the course?

Are you able to create a quick, new recording and see if the same thing happens?


Leanne Blunden

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting back to me.

We did a few test runs with just the first paragraph of text of audio and the audio was audible on these.

We then recorded our script (and screen recording) which was 7 minutes in total.  Is there a time limit on recordings?

I'm testing the project in preview mode.

Doesn't cause a problem if i create a quick recording.

Any ideas?



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Leanne,

First, no, there isn't a time limit on screen recordings or audio.

That's odd. What are you doing in the recordings? Simply reading from the script, correct? 

I'm not sure if the microphone is cutting out, or if maybe something else is interfering with the recording. 

What type of microphone are you using? Is it a headset, stand-up/standalone microphone? Do you have another you could test with?