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Aug 07, 2013

Good morning! I'm creating a new template from scratch in Storyline, and I have an issue. I'm trying to put a text placeholder in the slide master, with formatted bullet items. When I add a text placeholder, I just get a line of text with no bullets and no formatting.

In Powerpoint, when I add a text placeholder, I get the formatted bullets. Is there something I'm missing? I even tried setting it up in powerpoint and importing it. The bulleted items did not import! I just see one line of text.

I searched the forum but couldn't find anything related to this issue. Has anyone else experienced it? Am I missing something obvious?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lisa,

It seems some things don't "take" when setting them up on a text box or a content placeholder in the master view. Here's what I did after inserting these placeholders on a blank slide in the master view

  • changed the typeface, type color, and type size - this "took"
  • changed the fill and line (border) color - this "took"
  • changed the vertical alignment to middle - this "took" and the H alignment to centered
  • changed the spacing to 2.5 - this did not "take" and in fact reverted to spacing of 1 as soon as I clicked outside the box
  • clicked inside each box and clicked on the bullet button to set bullets - this did not "take" and in fact reverted to no bullets as soon as I clicked outside the box

Hopefully someone from Articulate will confirm or refute. If refute, tell us what to do! If confirm, we can send along a feature request.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Leslie,

Tx...I'm not sure I see a solution regarding making this work in the slide master on that link? It seems to be more about adjusting the bullet color (and actually one of the suggestions on how to do that is by me).

If I'm mistaken, which is entirely possible, since there's a lot going on on that thread, please do let me know. Otherwise, if this needs to be a feature request, I'd be happy to go ahead and submit one and perhaps Lisa will as well.

Thanks, Leslie!

Lisa Smyser

Thanks Rebecca. I'd be happy to put in a feature request if there isn't one already. I'm really surprised that feature is missing. I know we should try not to use so many bullet points, but some customers require them. I'm building them a template, and I'll have to figure out how to provide the style guide standards without that template. Maybe I'll just create a scene and put styles in there for them to copy. Not very elegant, but could work for now.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lisa,

I guess we'll wait and see what Leslie says. Usually, even if a feature request has been submitted, Articulate suggest that anyone who's looking for a feature add his/her voice. I assume that's how they get an idea how important the request is to users (compared to how difficult it is for them to implement!).

Nataly Lima

I have been struggling with this issue for quite some time and just now found this article. Disappointing that this basic functionality has been an issue for over 5 years...seems pretty simple and I feel like it should be considered a "bug". Why have the functionality of slide masters there if you can't set the specifications? :(. I've just submitted a feature request.

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