Missing CC for audio with a play trigger


I have several drag and job activities that all have multiple correct feedback layers. I have an audio clip on all of these correct layers that I have triggered to play when the timeline finishes on the layer if the state of all 3 correct items are "drop correct". Everything is functioning exactly as I want, however, I cannot seem to get the closed captions to work on these triggered audio tracks. I have published a link to review 360 and they do not appear there either. I have set the CC in the media library to apply to all use cases as well. Any thoughts on if this can be resolved?

Thanks in advance.

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Dave Cox

Hi Quinn,

CC will only show, if there are captions that it can display. Did you add the captions to your audio tract?

To add captions, select your audio tract in the timeline. You will see Audio Tools appear in the ribbon at the top. 

Select the Add Captions button to open the Captions editor

Once you open the editor, Storyline will add spaces for captions where it finds audio. You can start entering your captions there.