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Has anyone had this problem before?

I have published courses to an independent LMS before without a problem but on one course I created in 360 just like the others it corrupts. The error message tells me and an imsmanifest.xml file is missing.

It creates a featureManifest.xml file in the docProps folder, rather than an imsManifest.xml file. 

I have no idea why it has done this on one course and not with any other they are all created and saved the same way prior to uploading to the LMS. I save the file to my computer then upload to the LMS. It makes no difference if I zip the file or not. 

Any help would be appreciated.





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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Trevor,

Have you tried uploading the SCORM output to another LMS to see if the same thing happens there? Check out SCORM Cloud -- it's super handy for this kind of LMS testing, and it's free!

If you'd like some help with that, attach your original, unpublished .story file to a new thread comment. I'll test it and let you know what I find. 😁