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When I open one of my projects that was begun some time back I am getting the "missing font" window with one font that is supposedly in the project , but on in the computer.  I am trying to find that font to change it, but so far no success. Does anyone know if there is a way to locate that font in SL3? I've attached a pic of the opening window. THANKS

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Allison Goldthorpe

Hi Sylvia,

There's no way to have Storyline tell you "this font is used on slide 3.1 in this specific text box". However, you can Find and Replace fonts! That will definitely solve your problem.

Also, you can download Bebas Neue for free here if you do want to keep it. :)



Carol Stirn

Something to note. I used a template from eLearning Bros in my project that had a font that wasn't on my PC. I copied/pasted the eLearning Bros slides, changed the fonts and customized the interaction for my course, then deleted the original slides that I added from the eLearning Bros template. The font from that template is no longer in my course, but the Missing Font error message still comes up. I did a Find/Replace and the font is not on any of my slides. So somehow the Storyline file keeps a "history" of the font even though it's no longer there.

Susan Wilcox

In my case, the "missing font" isn't a real font but the character "-" that ended up being input when I was typing faster than Storyline was keeping up with during a font size change. It shows up as missing every single time the file is opened. VERY annoying (it did teach me a lesson to slow down). Can nothing be done for this? It isn't even a real font.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Susan!

I haven't run into this snag before! I'm also not the quickest typer which could explain that.

Are you noticing this with every project or a certain one? If Storyline isn't keeping up with your typing that it sounds like a latency issue. Do you have your files being constantly backed up to a shared or network drive?

Next, since the - symbol isn't showing up in the file would you mind sharing which font you've been using? Have you tried changing the font to a standard OpenSans or Times New Roman?

I'm excited to investigate what would be causing this error! I'll also share a private upload link if you want to share your file with us.

Susan Wilcox

Hi, thanks for the reply.

It has happened on multiple projects and is more the product of me not paying attention when I'm changing a font size. Because I'm not paying attention, I'm not sure how I ask it to change to "-"font, but once I have, Storyline remembers.

We are using proprietary fonts our clients own and want in the projects, and it happens regardless of which client/font. In any case, changing the font is not an option, and there doesn't seem to be any impact at all except for getting that message and having to click through it before the file will completely load.

The "-" does not show up as a font choice in font list in the Design tab, but Storyline seems to believe it exists. Somewhere.

Always happy to provide a bit of entertainment~


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