Missing font prompt with Storyline 3 and 360 in different languages.

Mar 05, 2019


I encountered a weird issue for a few days. Is it possible that when a theme font is used in different Articulate softwares in different languages (English and French, in my case), it can cause a missing font prompt?

I get an error saying that Trebuchet MS (headings) is missing from my software and that it may cause problems, when I open a file from SL3 to SL360. Here's the first catch: Trebuchet MS is a Windows OS font, which I never uninstalled. Here's the second catch: I worked on that file with SL3 in English, while SL360 is in French.

In French, "(headings)" becomes "(en-têtes)", which is accurate, and even if the software then finds the font equivalent for my project, it is still a weird issue that the software doesn't automatically translate its own terms.

Is this a known issue? Does the software copy fonts that are used in themes, labelling them as (headings) and (body), which then treat them as separate fonts? Is there something that the software is missing to automatically link its terms in between languages?

For instance, are Trebuchet MS (headings) and Trebuchet MS (en-têtes) treated as 2 different fonts? Please also note that I didn't get this error for fonts labelled as (body), or (corps).

Thanks in advance.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jean-Christophe,

I haven't heard of a similar issue, nor encountered it myself but I don't spend any time using the French version of Storyline, so I'd like to ask a few questions!

  • Are the fonts showing correctly when you open up the course?
  • Do you have separate font files for the English or French versions installed on your computer?
  • Do you only see this when opening SL3 files into SL360? What about the other way? Or files you've created in an English version of SL360 that are opened with a French version of SL360? 

Let me know any other information that comes to mind and I'll do some more testing! 

Jean-Christophe Goyette

Hello Ashley,

Please note that I used both the French and English versions, but I feel like this issue can occur with any language, be English to French, French to English, French to Spanish, Portuguese to English, and so on.

  • Yes, they are. The font doesn't change to anything else, it stays the same, because Storyline selects the closest font to be similar. In my case, Trebuchet MS (headings) is replaced by Trebuchet MS, with no other indication, or formatting errors.
  • Not that I know about. The font was already installed with the OS, like Arial, Calibri and Times New Roman, and... if I recall correctly, all fonts include language-specific characters.
  • No, it is not. SL3 in French showed me the same error, and in both cases, it specifically showed "Trebuchet MS (headings)", as if any font used for your theme's headings and body is copied and treated as a new font. In my projects, it's like Trebuchet MS and Trebuchet MS (headings) are two different selectable fonts, and as if "Trebuchet MS (headings)" is not the same as "Trebuchet MS (en-têtes)". The French software version looks for the latter, doesn't find it and prompts an error.

Please also note that it's not damaging at all. I have seen projects being misformatted due to missing fonts. The prompt stopped appearing after I saved my project. I mentioned Trebuchet MS, but maybe other fonts can trigger the prompt.

How about this procedure? Here are these steps:

  1. Start a new project, in either SL3 or SL360, in one language.
  2. Set 2 different fonts in your new theme, one for headings and body.
  3. Write a few words/lines using those fonts.
  4. Save the project.
  5. Open that same project, but in a Storyline software in a different language.
  6. Right on start-up, the prompt should appear.

Is the term "(headings)" version specific, or does it get matched if the language is different? If it was the case, then any font assigned for headings would automatically reassigned it to that same function, despite the different language.

Jean-Christophe Goyette

On a sidenote, the font Roboto has been updated recently. For instance, the R is slightly different. I noticed that SL360 did update that font, but that got me asking.

How does Articulate manage font updates? Does the software automatically get the fonts upon opening, or is an update required? I believe that any system font is updated on its own, but it would be nice to know how your softwares keep up with these changes.

It might be another issue, but since we're talking about fonts, I feel like it's related. Hey, a font can change completely without ever being noticed, so...

Crystal Horn

Thanks for those steps, Jean-Christophe. I was able to follow them using Storyline 3 in English and Storyline 360 in French. I didn't get the error message, however. The "Headings" designation correctly changed language, and the font was recognized. Also, I noticed that the Theme Font that I created in one Storyline was present in the other Storyline. 

Let me get some help from my team on this issue since I can't reproduce it. I know you're still able to work, but I don't want you to feel hassled by an unnecessary error message if we can help! Look for an email from our support engineers soon.

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