Missing fonts

Aug 31, 2020

Can any one advise me on missing fonts. I am using a Storyline contents library slide pack which uses Oswald and Lato fonts.

Now, though when I open the project the message comes up letting me know that these fonts aren't on my computer and that text may not appear correctly in the application or when published.

Everything does seem to be working correctly and I have carried out  a test publish which also worked.

I have tried to download the fonts and install them on my computer though I don't seem to be able to access the same fonts.


I have attached a screen shot of my message which has the missing fonts identified.

Any help appreciated



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Amanda Page

I'm a new customer and seem to be getting this a lot.

I've searched around the boards and have noticed this as an ongoing topic back 3+ years now and issue still hangs on. I've been working on the same project all week with the same fonts and just today am getting the missing fonts error again (I do get it on others randomly as well). Still a bug or a new bug with a recent update?

I've restarted SL and my laptop a couple times today; 2 out of 3 times it told me the fonts I was just using are not installed on my PC....Ideas? Thanks!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for contacting us and sharing what you are experiencing with your project file.

I see that you worked on a similar issue with Jose on our support team, but were able to get the issue resolved previously.

  • Are you experiencing a recurring issue with a particular font?
    • If so, please share the name of the font.
  • Were you able to verify that the font is installed?
    • A quick way to check if a font will be available in Storyline 360 is to open Microsoft Word and then check to see if the fonts that you need are available there. Chances are, you are seeing the "missing fonts" prompt simply because you don't have the correct fonts installed on your computer.
Peter Tranter

Leslie, thank you for getting back to me and sorry for such a long wait re
a reply.

The fonts are to do with a Storyline Slide content that I used in a project
which uses Lato light body and Oswald light heading.

I have tried to download them on my computer and have picked up a number of
Lato Fonts along with Oswald fonts though these don't seem to be the same,
as the message still comes up that the fonts are missing.

I have published the project and it does seem to be working fine within the
browser and also when viewed for the LMS.



Lauren Connelly

Hi Peter!

I'm happy to hear the published project is working correctly with the browser and in the LMS environment. We'll need our Support Engineers to step in with the missing fonts error message. Let's start by taking a look at the affected file! Here's a private upload link where you can attach the .story file. From here, we'll let you know when we receive the file and will offer additional troubleshooting steps!

Peter Tranter

Thank you Lauren I will attach the file. I also have an issue with image
quality of certain images in a Storyline project when using Safari Browser
to play. I have attached a screen recording of a browser comparison with
Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Safari along with an example storyline output
file. I did try to use the private upload link but it didn't take me
anywhere that I could upload the files.

I have therefore attached as a zip file to this email
Storyline Files.zip

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