Missing Left hand menu, glossary, notes and resources when published


I am using storyline 3 for building simulations. I have the relevant options selected under Player.

1) When I publish the file to CD > Left hand side menu, glossary, notes and resources are displayed on the top of  the screen.

2) When I publish it as a video > they are not showing up

Can someone help what I need to differently to have menu, glossary, notes and resources displayed when published to video.




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Crystal Horn

Hello Sunitha!  Video output isn't interactive.  Some course elements won't appear when you publish to video, including your player:

  • Flash movies
  • Website videos
  • Web objects
  • Engage interactions (only the first step will display)
  • Course player (there won't be a frame around your slides)
  • Closed captions

Where will you be hosting your output?  Could you instead publish to web and have the slides advance automatically?  That way, your learners will have access to the player features.

Sunitha Rayaprolu

Hi Crystal,

I am not hosting the content any where. I am sending the published mp3 file to my developers for scripting. I want them to be able to see left hand menu to identify the steps and revisit whenever they need.  I see the menu, glossary, notes and resources in preview but when I publish to video none of them show up.





Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sunitha,

Since you're publishing to video, the items in the player such as the menu, glossary, notes, and resources won't show up in the MP4 video file. 

If you need those options, you'll need to publish to Web, LMS, Articulate Online, Articulate Review 360, or even publish to CD/Local.

Hope that helps! 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ilanna!

Let's check that the Player Menu is enabled. Here's how:

  • Click Player to open Player Properties.
  • Check that the Menu option is listed under Sidebar and that the box is checked
  • Click OK to close Player Properties.
  • In Story View, check that the Menu is enabled for all slides under Slide Properties.