Missing Projects on Storyline 360

Good Morning,

I was running two projects but, because I have been reviewing someone else's e-learnings my projects have disappeared from view.

I am relatively new to Articulate, and even had one in there from you to help with a slide issue I was having.

I have since updated my project with this slide and had it reviewed.

Now when I log in to Storyline 360 I can only see the projects that I have reviewed and cannot find my most recent projects.

I have not save these anywhere else, doh!

Hope you can help :)


Sharon Procter.

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Noel Read

Hi, if they have all been saved to the same place you should be able to select 'save as' and see the location your projects have been saved. If this doesn't work then open up File Explorer, click on 'This PC' or something that covers all drives on your computer, and do a search on .story  This will bring up all Storyline files.