Missing question with random draw from question bank

I have created a 25 question bank.  I have set the quiz to randomly draw 20 questions, each with a 5 point value for a pass/fail quiz at end of my course.  In Preview the quiz consistently shows fewer questions and counts the missing questions against me.  I get to answer 18 or 19 questions and find I have 5 or 10 points deducted from my resulting score.  Upon reviewing the quiz, I count only 18 or 19 questions.  What am I missing?

I have tested with fewer question from the draw.  Quiz works fine at small numbers of questions.  At 8 questions I get one dropped question and thus can no longer get a perfect score.  Any ideas as to what setting might be causing this?

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Karen Lane

I have questions from the same question bank in other scenes as review questions but I repeated them in the quiz which is in its own scene.  I have 3 questions from the question bank in each of 4 previous modules but I created each of those as a new slide prior to creating the questioh bank. I later copied those questions into the question bank.

Those questions should not count in the final quiz.  Any idea as to how can I remedy this?

Cheng Li

What I did was copying and pasting all quiz questions into one scene so that one result slide can count all.

An alternative is to create one result slide for each scene. Then create a result slide that counts all other result slides. This very result slide needs to set as calculating selected results slides as shown below.

Karen Lane

Thanks Cheng.  My questions in the previous scenes are duplicated in the final quiz so I do not want them counted in the results slide.  But your response gives me an idea: maybe if i convert review questions at the end of the other scenes to survey questions they will not cause the problem.

I have also tried getting rid of the draw 20 from 25 and made a 20 question bank where every question is called.  Still I see the dropped question issue.