Missing script files

Hello everyone,


Recently we had to reach out to a second party to help us out with some custom add-on's to our SL file. We sent them the SCORM output file and they made some changes to the "scripts" folder within (added two files and adjusted a couple of the existing ones). They sent me the steps to recreate the process on future builds, but when I publish the same SL file all of the scripts that were there in the original non-edited package are not there. The original "scripts" folder contained the following files:






Now when I publish it, the same folder only contains "app.min.js". I'm not familiar with this aspect to SCORM packages so I don't know where the issue is stemming from. Can someone help me recreate the original file?



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Jodi Albarano

I have the same issue but I think mine is the oppositie! I have a course that works in our LMS (SuccessFactors) that uses some js code and is published at SCORM 2004. Works in IE.  It contains only the app file you noted above. I have 2 other courses that contain all 4 files you noted above and doesn't work in IE. The course will load, but on the second page, which is a question slide, it sits and just spins. I cannot figure it out.