Missing space in Notes Tab

Hello @all,

does anybody already has a solution for missing space-signs in the notes tab? This problem only occurs after publishing. In Storyline everything looks fine! In the text there are no "usual suspects" like Microsoft office formatting sings included. I've copied the text from a "text only editor".


  • In Storyline: Click on the video button to see the clip in full view.
  • In published Output: Click on the video buttonto see the clip in full view.

This occurs in many slides. I'am happy for every suggestion!

Thank you!


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Evelyn Hamm

I've found the solution.

In the cases, where the blank was missing, there was a bold formatted text before. After deleting the bold formatted text somthing happens with the last letter of the first word. When I deleted the last letter (before the missing blank) and rewrite it again, it works!