Missing text in closed captions


I'm experiencing a weird issue: sometimes part of the text that is used to generate audio with text to speech does not show in the CC. It is fixed by kind of cleaning the text (adding/removing blanks) and regenerating the CC+audio. It seems to be related to stray, non-printable chars in the text, but we could not manage to find out how to spot them upfront. Anybody else has seen this issue?




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Simone!

Are you copying the text from a document and pasting it inside Storyline's Text to Speech tool? 

If so, it could be carrying some errant characters in the copy/paste process. Try removing all formatting from the original document, or paste the text in Notepad to remove formatting before pasting it into Storyline.

Let me know if that helps or if I'm off target!