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Ivan Jovin

Thanks Emily!

And is it possible after that to shuffle the questions extracted from all the banks, so all the questions from all the banks are shuffled

Example with three banks containing 2 questions each 

question 1 from bank 3, then question 2 from bank 2, then question 2 from bank 3, then quesiton 2 from bank 1, then question 1 from bank 1 and question 1 from bank 2

and the next attempt to the quiz with a completely different order.



Ryan DeWitt

late on this reply, but for others needing this, one solution we've used is to divide up the question banks for them to appear as if they were shuffled. So if you have 3 banks on 3 topic areas, divide them up so you have 6 total question banks on 3 topic areas and then follow Emily's suggestion above concluding with 1 result slide.