Mobile: Cannot Download Content - error in Articlte Mobl Player

We are in the process of redoing our company website, therefore doing changes and coding in beta. When I run our online training programs produced in storyline on our production site ( no problems, works fine. When I try testing in I get the error "Articulate Mobile Player cannot download the content because one or more of the files cannot be found." 

    The online class works all the way up to isolaunch.html. I removed the articulate player and isolaunch.html forced re-installation. Directory structures are the same in production and beta. Any ideas why this error. Could it be related to SSL certificates? Production Site has SSL certificate while beta does not...



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George Moureau

Hi Peter,

    Not sure where to get the .story file. These are delivered to me from another department and I push them out to the website and get them working. I'll check with the publishing department. Will push these out again and see what happens. Thanks. We're going to roll out the new site Thursday evening. The problem may go away when I do this. I am using the WordPress CMS Platform for our new website. Don't know if this matters. It shouldn't. Our training programs are outside the wordpress envelope and shouldn't be affected.  I'll keep you posted.