Mobile capability

Hi, I've been using Storyline for a couple of years now and LOVE IT!  But now our company wants to be able to provide all eLearning on mobile devices (Iphone, Ipad, windows tablets) through our LMS and I'm being told to choose another authoring software because Storyline isn't compatible.  I'm so confused!  Has anyone else experienced this?  Why oh why Storyline, why don't you work for mobile?!?!

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Julie Stelter

Hmmm. I publish Storyline to html5 and it works on an iPad or tablet. Sometimes I have to futz with it but most of those issues are documented. I never use the app. Storyline doesn't have a responsive design like Captivate, yet. Perhaps that is what they are looking for??? The responsive design is not seamless. I spent months trying to get 5 courses to work properly. 2 cents...