Mobile course - record of completion

Hi everyone

I have a situation where practical assessments need to be carried out and observations recorded by an assessor. I would like to create a storyline project, for the assessor to follow when observing the person being assessed, with questions that the assessor can answer. eg. Did the candidate tie their shoes (Yes/No)

What I need is:

  • The project needs to be accessable via iPad, offline.
  • The data from the completed assessment needs to be saved and/or a report generated each time the assessment is completed.
  • The report then needs to be either uploaded to a computer or sent via email (either option), to be placed against a personnel record.
  • Ideally, the records could be uploaded to LMS but this isn't absolutely necessary.

Is any ot this possible? Appreciate your help!

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Phil Mayor

Hi Jane, the Mobile player is your only way to use offline on an iPad.

At this point you cannot have all your requirements, when using offline you cannot then upload a report when you get an interment connection, you also will not be able to send an email as Javascript does not work on the mobile player.

I really you could save as a text file but again this would need javascript.

The only thing you could do in offline viewing is view the course.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jane,

Storyline has an option to let learners download content to their iPads for offline viewing in the Articulate Mobile Player app. However, the Available Offline switch is unavailable for Tin Can API content. The Articulate Mobile Player requires an Internet connection to track Tin Can API content and report it to an LMS.