Mobile Delivery

Feb 13, 2015

We have been using Captivate 8 for simultaneous creation of desktop/mobile eLearning. You create the course once and while you develop the mobile end, you can adjust the placement of elements so as to fit in relation to other objects in desktop view. To make a long-story short, it's been less than ideal, as it has been extremely inconsistent.

I guess what I'm asking is - does Articulate Storyline 2 offer mobile delivery and if so, what has everyone's experience been with it? We're looking for delivery solely to the iPad. 


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Michael Hinze

There is no Storyline feature, comparable to CP8's responsive design function. Storyline can SCALE content, based on the available screen/browser window size. Storyline allows publishing to HTML5, supports iOS and Android, and also provides a free dedicated Player App that is meant to improve performance and stability. See some info here: 


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