Mobile device interaction

Hello all,

I am creating an interaction which is intended to be used on a mobile device.  The idea is that the user cracks a code using a code breaker.

I have set various triggers for the correct answer to send them to the correct layer.  The answer is Dick Turpin and i have created various triggers to try to capture all the ways that this can be typed in by the user.

The issue I am having is that when I test this on my phone (Samsung S10) it sends me to the incorrect layer even though I have put in the correct answer.  I can then go back and submit the exact same answer and it works and sends me to the correct layer?

Does anyone have any idea what is occurring here?  I am baffled.

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Philam Ray Raymundo

Hi Steven,

I saw your code and it seems that you created individual triggers for each conditions you would like to set. I tested the same setup and it seems the system is following the last set of triggers you set. May i suggest if you could create conditions inside 1 trigger and set the trigger conditions to "OR".


Instead of creating separate triggers for 2 conditions, "text == Dick Turpin" and "text == dickturpin", create 1 trigger and 2 different set of conditions. 

Please see attached screenshot.