Mobile First setup for Storyline360 with Javascript

As im working on a 'Mobile First' setup for Storyline360 i wanted to ensure users on a desktop or bigger screen get some image in the background of the Storyline player so it 'shows' better. For Storyline 2 and the 'classic player' there are several solutions around the forum to get that done.

But i didnot want to edit in published got it to work like this...

I use this function to get information of all elements i have in a Storyline page.


Basically getXLinkHref( ) runs over your existing Storyline...gets data from the images and elements on your page... checks if they are texts or images and passes that to arrays.

As a parameter you give the image you want to use for your background...and it returns that into the background of the page...

playerFrame = document.querySelector("#frame") = "url('"+getXLinkHref('bg-bar.jpg')+"')"; = "contain"; = "x-repeat";

function getXLinkHref(_image){
images = "#slide-window > div > div > div.slide-transition-container > div > div.slide-layer.base-layer.shown >";
svgDivsStr = "#slide-window > div > div > div.slide-transition-container > div > div.slide-layer.base-layer.shown >";
svgDivsNthChildStr ="#slide-window > div > div > div > div > div.slide-layer.base-layer.shown > div:nth-child"
slideCollection = document.getElementsByClassName('slide');
slideWindowCollection = document.getElementsByClassName('slide-window');
textsArray = [];
imagesArray = [];
divs = document.getElementsByTagName("div");
shapesCollection = document.getElementsByTagName("path");
for (var i = 1; i < shapesCollection.length+1; i++) {
var el = document.querySelector(svgDivsNthChildStr+"("+i+")");
var elId =el.getAttribute('data-model-id');
var elText = el.getAttribute('data-acc-text');
// a text element
if (document.querySelector(svgDivsNthChildStr+"("+i+")").getElementsByTagName('tspan').length) {
}else{// not a text element
if(elText.indexOf(".png")!=-1 || elText.indexOf(".jpg")!=-1 )// if the source is png or jpg...
console.log("imagesArray: "+i+" / "+elText+" / url: "+el.getElementsByTagName('image')[0].getAttribute('xlink:href'));
return el.getElementsByTagName('image')[0].getAttribute('xlink:href')

//if we have a 'END' element, gets the last shape element to process
if(document.querySelector(svgDivsNthChildStr+"("+i+")").getAttribute('data-acc-text')== "END"){
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