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Still Wondering

Hi Sven,

Here is a description of what's (maybe) your issue: new version of Google Chrome resulted in Articulate publishing a patch (is it called that?); the link is to the general download page as far as I can see. That page links to here, which is a the step-by-step guide that includes a link to a different download. Hope this helps. (Edited for readability.)

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sven!

  • If your LMS supports Tin Can API, mark the box to Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS or Android for the best experience.
  • If your LMS doesn't support Tin Can API, mark the box to Include HTML5 output.
  • If learners will be using mobile devices other than iPad, mark the box to Include HTML5 output.

You can read more about this here.

sven  seco

Thank you Still Wondering and leisle!!

Updating to latest version of storyline 2 helped but I had to link to the story_html5.html to make it all work.     I have tested all HTML5 options and all seems to work when I link story_html5.html expect for :  Storyline 1 projects that I republished as storyline 2, those projects are only working using story.html. 

Any suggestions?

I am using Grassblade LRS, publishing to an LMS using Tin Can API.



sven  seco

HI Leslie,

It took a little to review with our LMS team.   The scorm cloud worked and the LMS teams send me a Articulate story on how to publish and told me what I already know, which is Articulate automatically does the redirect. Its not dependent on GrassBlade.  I am back to square one, how else could i test for this?  its really up setting as its seems very simple....is there I way to test my site?