Mobile Not Marking Visited

Hi Articulate Community & Team!

I have published a course to our LMS and am encountering a problem where items set to be marked 'Visited' when clicked do not do so on a mobile device.

I have double checked that it does work correctly on my desktop and laptop computers. However, on my iPhone using Google Chrome browser and Safari it does not function properly.

How might I correct this issue?
Thanks in advance!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Philip,

I'd love to take a look at your .story file to see the items you set up and know a bit more about how you're testing it: 

  • What version and update of Storyline are you using?
  • What iOS and version is your iPhone? 
  • Have you compared iPhones to iPads? Any difference there?

If you can share the file, please let me know what slides are working vs. those that aren't!

Philip Deer

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your willingness to help out. It's weird because it works on all desktops I've tried (2 PC and 1 Mac), my Mac laptop, and Articulate Review, but not my iPhone.

We are using Articulate 360 and I update it everytime an update is released.
I have iOS 11.3.1 and I do see the 11.4 update, so I will go ahead and install that.
I am using an iPhone 7.
I haven't tried iPads. 

It's slide 2.1 and there are 4 main pictures that are not marking as visited. Since I haven't been able to get passed these on mobile  I don't know if there are other issues in further slides on mobile. The file is massive (275MB), so not sure if I can share it all or just a portion.

Thanks again!

Katie Riggio

Hi, Philip. Thanks for sharing your project with us! I can confirm that I see the same behavior on slide 2.1 when on my iPhone 7 (iOS 11.4). Here is the HTML5 web output for the troublesome scene. The visited state change does not appear there, but it shows via desktop just as you noted – so strange!

I've enlisted the help of our Support Team to help further test this on various mobile devices and operating systems. As soon as they have more to share, they'll reach out to you via email – so keep an eye out from soon! I'll also follow along with your case as it progresses.

Katie Riggio

Good morning, Philip – and those who may be following this thread!

I took a peek at your case this morning and saw that Ryan was able to solve this mystery:

I first deleted the triggers that change the state of the button to hover and visited since both triggers should trigger automatically if these states are available. More on built-in states here! 

I then added a trigger to adjust the True/False variables when the user clicks on the images. Storyline 360 will execute the trigger from top to bottom. In this case, when the jump to slide trigger is the top trigger, the other triggers will no longer execute and can cause problems. Here's a handy guide on the order in which triggers get executed when learners view a published course!

Aside from that, I also changed the the condition from using the states of the objects to using the variables that I've created.

I hope that helps, and you know where to find us if you need anything else! ☺️

Philip Deer

Now that I'm diving into the articles, I am confused by what was off in my triggers.

Does Slide Master refer to Base Layer?

Also, the jump to slide trigger was on the second layer that was set to only show if the states of all the pictures on the Base Layer were all visited. Can anyone please explain?

Thanks in advance!

Philip Deer

Regarding the jump to slide trigger, I see what you mean. It was the first trigger on an object.

Still confused as to if Slide Master refers to Base Layer though if anyone can explain?
I know what a Slide Master is in PowerPoint, but not sure what it is in Storyline.

Thanks in advance!



Katie Riggio

Thanks for your follow-up, Philip! Nice job in dissecting those details as well ☺️

Slide Masters in Storyline are very similar to the ones in PowerPoint. They're a great time-saving tool and allow you to apply the same look and feel across your course. Be sure to check out this handy tutorial on using Slide Masters in Storyline 360 here.

I have a hunch that article will shed even more light, and I'm here if you need anything else!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Phillip!

You might add a trigger to the Slide Master if it's a trigger you plan to use on every slide. 

For example, if you have an audio file that you want to play as soon as the timeline starts on every slide, you could put that audio file on the Slide Master. Then, add a trigger to the slide master to play the audio file when the timeline starts. 

Does that help to answer your question?

Philip Deer

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you! That Answers my question. I was thinking of it as possibly used in creating a template for multiple trainings, but was confused as to how that could work if all the trainings are unique. That makes sense though for a single project if using an intro audio that's the same for several slides if I am understanding correctly.

I'm fairly new to Storyline about 4-5 months working with it, and basically an accidental ID since we do not have IDs on staff. There's a lot of trial and error, so I appreciate everyone's help in getting me up to speed with understanding where I am making mistakes so I can learn quickly.