Mobile Player Complaints?

I've gotten a number of complaints from users regarding the Mobile Player. You probably only see this in larger projects. Press the Play icon in the center of the screen (Library view) and it sits there without response for several seconds (and can be many seconds). Users are thinking it isn't loading.

Second problem, the black/white spinning dots seem to freeze for some number of seconds about halfway through the load. Again, users are bailing out thinking that it has crashed.

Anyone else having this problem?

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Russell Still

Sure, check this one out. It was originally larger, but the workspace was continually being corrupted so I chopped it into two modules. It's not a course, just bunch of quiz questions.

This issue with the Mobile Player pretending to be unresponsive is not new. I've been seeing it on a lot of projects. When the user clicks the Play icon, it needs to do *something* other than sit there idly for 5 to 10 seconds. Even though the project is being loaded, to an impatient user it looks like nothing is happening.

Here's a smaller one you can also try.

Don't recall if this one had the issue or not.

Peter Anderson

Thanks for sharing the courses, Russ I see what you mean with the slow load and the spinning circle coming to a halt. It surely has to do with course size, as you suggested, but it's still something I'm sure the development team would like to be able to improve upon. Mind opening a ticket for them so they can have a working file to test with? Thanks for all the help!