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Frank Hollingsworth

Thanks for the reply, and please indulge my questions.
The link to particular operating systems in your reply and on other support pages, seems specific to Articulate Storyline 2. I am using Studio 13 Pro and finally found a corresponding page. Perhaps you could link to a page that showed or compared both.
In any case, I'm trying to get Studio 13 to work as well as it can on an iPhone, even if it's not my target device. While I can see my screens on mobile Safari, and for that matter Chrome, on the iPhone; they are tiny and won't zoom in as on a regular web page. Are there different templates or workarounds that make the courseware work better on an iPhone screen?
I appreciate your challenge of supporting all the various platforms. I've been working on computers since 1979 and the have seen the capabilities and complexity explode while the words such as iOS, become more ambiguous.
While it would potentially be a lot of work, I'd appreciate a chart which depicted what to expect on the various user platforms such as iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phone, Android tablet, Windows tablet, Window Notebook, Mac, Smart TV Internet Browser, etc. for Studio and Storyline. That way I wouldn't waste my time trying to implement something on a device that doesn't support it or use the wrong tool to achieve my goal.
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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Frank,

I linked to the Storyline information as this thread is in the Storyline forum - but you can find the Studio '13 information here. The requirements are a bit different for each, and therefore we try to link to the one that we think the user is looking for based on thread.  

You're correct in that they don't zoom, they'll display at a "full screen" size. If the iPhone won't be your target device, this article may not be of assistance but it's about ensuring it's the best story size for the device. 

In regards to the chart - could you share a bit more about elements included in that chart? We do have the information here in regards to the comparison of features in Flash, HTML5 or the Mobile player. 

Also, just as an FYI responding via email includes your signature here so you are welcome to edit the post and remove that information if you wish.