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Feb 27, 2014

I've been developing Storyline projects for a while and I am doing my first work with the Articulate Mobile Player on an iPad and the videos do not play correctly. They work fine in our LMS environment and play correctly. I'm using the latest version of Storyline and the iPad Version is 7.0.2.

There are 100's of slides in the course and many slides have multiple video's on a single slide. The video's are set to auto-play at different points on the timeline in sequence and may vary in length. A 3 video sequence may be something like this; Video 1- 90 sec, Video 2 - 7 sec, Video 3 - 9 sec. Using the video options in Storyline the audio on the videos is muted to eliminate background noise as audio overlays are played. Also the video-controls are selected.

I've encountered 2 main problems at this point;

1. The videos are not muted.

2. The first video in a sequence may play correctly, but subsequent videos may not play and all you will see is a black box with the video controls showing. Sometimes you may see a black are and then a few seconds of the video. The way the videos display and play is erratic and not consistent.

I'd appreciate any help you can provide on how to address these issues

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ray,

In regards to your first issue, that I believe you wrote about in this thread do you have a version I could test out?

For the second issue, I'd first want to confirm that you're using the latest version of the mobile player (version 2.15) as there is a known issue where .MOV files were locking up the mobile player, and I remember from a previous thread you were using .mov files. Similarly, the videos may take a bit to load - which again was fixed in the recent versions of the mobile player. 

If it's not either of those, I can take a look in addition to the first issue. If you'd prefer not to share here I can send you directions to share with me privately. 

Sara Portwood

Could you explain how you figured this out? After publishing, I have the exact same situation where a black or white box appearing over my videos and I cannot get the media appear (however, the audio will play just fine). Could you explain what you did to fix this issue? (Note: I am also trying to play these on an iPad.) 

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