Mobile Player refuse to play content on Android

Aug 26, 2016

Hi All,

I'm an elearning developer/programer.

I just deployed an LMS for a client  which works perfectly.

I am having issues accessing the content via mobile. I know Articulate Mobile Player is having issues loading/accessing contents that are protected via htaccess thus i ensured the courses can be accessed directly from the browser.

Articulate Storyline 2 was used to develop this courses.

e.g  A sample Digital Marketing Course Direct Link

My dilemma here is that i have once tried this and it worked and still working on a life windows server with apache installed in which i was able to play the course from an App using the Articulate Mobile App (android) But this time, i am using a cloud hosting. (Before u say anything, i went for VPS hosting account, so i am having full root access to my server) Each time i try playing a course, the articulate player pops up as usual but its keeps loading like for ever and will never play.

I Really need a work around this as i am quite lost this time since i am attempting this on a cloud hosting account. Every small assistance will be appreciated.

Mobile App and Login Details will we provided on request via email


Awaiting a work around solution





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Michael Hinze
Okechukwu Eze

The Link works fine from the browser but, accessing via articulate mobile player keep showing a loading screen on my end.

Are u really saying u were able to play the course via Articulate Mobile Player from your end ?

Yes, the screenshot shows your content running inside the AMP installed on my device.

Okechukwu Eze

Now i am a bit confused, what on earth do u think would cause the AMP to play on your device and not play on mine (Indinix Hot 2 with Android 6.0 OS).

I am asking this because i also got a confirmation that it plaid from someone else, while others say its not playing. 

Does the AMP have a limitation, is it OS Version dependent on android or what ?

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