Mobile Player Swipe function and Layers

Jan 17, 2020


Do trigger and layers not work with the mobile Swipe feature?

I am using the current version of Storyline 3.

While testing the responsive mobile player on my phone (Android) I came across the following problem with the Swipe feature.

Everything was working fine until I came to a slide that uses layers to create a sort of accordion style interaction, where info cards appear to expand and contract depending on which you have selected.  Normally on a desktop computer the user would not be allowed to progress to the next slide until they have viewed each card.  Once they had,  this triggers the NEXT button to appear.

However, on the mobile device by swiping left I was able to skip this slide entirely, despite the logic set-up, and progress to the next slide.

Is there a way to force the swipe feature to trigger a slide, or be de-activated until all slide layers have been revealed?

Thank you.


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